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KML has been providing products to satisfied customers for over 40 years.

Business Lines

KML’s core business is water treatment and water treatment service. We do not toll blend products – all of our water treatment products are made in our Indiana facility. In addition to treatment of cooling and boiler systems, KML provides specialized treatment for wastewater facilities, municipalities, pulp and paper operations, automotive factories (paint booth maintenance products), ultrapure filtration, and semiconductor production.


Our LaOtto, IN facility produces all of KML’s water treatment products and is run by our General Manager.  Our General Manager holds a degree in engineering from Michigan Technological University, and supervises all aspects of product development and fabrication. KML has been registered as ISO 9001:2015 since 1998.

Our industrial and paint booth maintenance products are tolled in Michigan. We strive to develop products that meet the needs of our various industrial clients. For more information contact the office staff.

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KML believes that combining quality products with quality service delivers value to our clients.

Our Expert team

KML draws on its staff to bring their many years of combined experience in water treatment and facility operations to bear for our clients.  KML’s technicians and engineers provide support to our clients in application and usage of our products.  Customers appreciate the range of knowledge our staff can provide, and utilize us to provide water testing training, specify pumps and chemical feed equipment, and support them with safe use and handling instructions.

Our Quality Staff

Our office staff provides our clients with efficient operations — orders are placed immediately and followed through to delivery, questions are answered in a timely fashion, and products are made according to the policies and procedures that have earned KML an ISO 9001:2008 registration.

KML’s technicians and engineers provide support to our clients in application and usage of our products.

KML's service programs keep pace with new innovations, and we constantly work to train and cross-train our staff.

Our History

KML Origins

KML was founded in 1979 by Sarkis Kassouni, Mike Miller, and Robert Larsen, three individuals with strong technical and business backgrounds in water treatment. KML, Inc. was formed as a Midwest regional water treatment company, supplying water treatment products and chemical support services and expertise to automotive, industrial, and municipal clients.

Product and Global Expansion

In the mid-1980's KML found an opportunity to expand into waste-water treatment programs and developed a line of polymers to address the waste applications of its customers. These polymers had other applications which KML began to pursue, such as paper processing and automotive paint detackification. KML established business in Mexico in 1995 with sales to General Motors' Delphi division. Since then, KML has continued to grow the size of the business, our product line, and our customer list in Mexico.

Dual Product Lines

Since 2000, KML has developed two significant lines of business. A complete line of water treatment products was developed in solid-concentrate form. The chemistry of these products was designed to treat and correct most types of water problems while offering many advantages in cost and packaging, safety of handling, and ease of use for our customers. KML has also begun to market a series of cleaning and treatment products for ultrapure and nano-filtration water systems, including Reverse Osmosis processes. These specially formulated products, combined with the expertise of our service staff in analyzing water quality and system functioning, give our industrial clients an opportunity to leverage their KML service staff in another position to bring value to their factories.

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