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Paint & Spray Booth Strippers
PS 240

Heavy Duty aggressive stripper for paint spray booth maintenance and general cleaning in and around spray booth areas. Quickly flushes away with low pressure water spray.

PS 1266 - L

Thickened paint stripper for booth maintenance and general cleaning in paint shops. Rinses easily with water and is compatible with most Detack systems.

PS 260

Thickened Paint Stripper for heavy build-ups and two component paints found in booth areas. Easily flushes with water and compatible with Detack systems.

PS 661

A blend of organic cleaning agents developed for the removal of a wide variety of high solids uncured paint overspray. One of our strongest cleaners, PS 661 rapidly attacks most paints. Compatible with paint detackification treatments.

Epoxy Strip

A strong stripper built for today’s tough epoxy paints. Will strip multiple layers of cured epoxy paint from almost any surface.

Safe Strip

A safe, dependable two-part (Base and Additive) stripper which quickly removes severe paint build-ups with out attacking aluminum or delicate metals.

Dry / Water Washable Films

A clear liquid spray mask for protecting areas from such as booth walls, car bodies, equipment and grates from paint over spray. Sprays on and washes away with water blast.

Brite Coat (BC 628NC)

Bright white booth and grate coating that cures and resists "chalking". Removes easily with high pressure water.

Booth Grease / Baffle Coats
Baffle Coat BC - 263

Thick paste like coating applied to tracks, baffles and other booth areas to protect from over spray. BC 263 is not water soluble and is removed with scrapers or high pressure spray.

Baffle Coat SBC - 273

A sprayable version of Baffle Coat 263. Also comes in white, as BC 273W.

Booth Grease BC - 277

A heavy grease for use in booth areas to protect equipment, walls, tracks and areas from overspray.

Booth Grease BC - 286

A sprayable version of Booth Grease 277. Also comes in white, as BC 286W.

Water Washable "Wet" Films
Clear Tacky CTBC - 130 / CTBC - 265

Clear Tacky coatings applied to stainless steel and glass in paint booths. Leaves a crystal clear tacky film which can be removed with low pressure water spray. CTBC 265 is a heavy-duty coating and should be specified if the client is using clearcoat.

White Tacky WTBC 505

A white tacky booth coating. Provides a brilliant white coating to booth surfaces. A WATER BASED product which can be removed with water spray or scrapers, WTBC is either sprayed or rolled on.

White Coating WTBC 347

A pure white OIL BASED booth coating which illuminates booth surfaces. WTBC 347 is water soluble and can be used in “wet” areas. Applied with sprayer or rolled onto surfaces. Easily removed with scrapers or water pressure.

Peelable / Temporary Coatings
WPBC 2178

Acrylic, water base, low VOC white booth coating. Applied with spray or roller and easily peeled off surfaces or can be reapplied as needed.

Aquasol SP

A liquid mask for spray or roll-on applications. Dries perfectly clear and protects surfaces from overspray. Removes easily by peeling away or with low to medium water pressure.

WPBC 222, WPBC 222-G

A high solids, white peelable coating, yet with high peel resistance to heavy paint and solvents. Applies easily and is then peeled away. The G version is gray and is formulated for floors.

General Cleaners
No Rinse Floor Cleaner - NRFC

Non-Hazardous cleaner for general cleaning or floor scrub machines in plant areas. Leaves floors with a shine.

Heavy Duty Auto Floor Scrub - HDAFS

Heavy Duty Auto Floor Scrub is a water based cleaner designed to dissolve and remove the accumulation of high solids, 1K and 2K paint in and around Paint Booths. This product is a concentrated low-foam cleaner designed to remove paint trackings in conjunction with Automatic Scrubbers.

Oil Strip 921

Oil Strip 921 is a heavy-duty floor cleaner / degreaser for cleaning industrial floors where a glossy finish is desired. Its concentration allows users the versatility to meet desired performance and price demands. Oil Strip 921 leaves floors with a clean, polished appearance.

MC 1000

Citrus based cleaner / degreased and paint remover. Used in paint booths to clean parts, automation equipment and areas surrounding booths to maintain dirt-free conditions and appearances.

Super Strips - SS, SS-L, SS-TBF, SS-BC

Super Strip (SS) is a heavy duty alkaline cleaner / paint stripper for general maintenance cleanup in paint shop areas. Contains strong solvents to quickly break down heavy paint films. Applied with mops or floor scrub equipment.  Super Strip versions L, TBF, and BC have been formulated for assembly plants with individual needs as to chemical constituents. KML is committed to giving customers the right product and has varied the formula for this versatile cleaner accordingly.

Versiclean 1231, Versiclean 156

Non-hazardous all duty cleaner for removing paint, grease and oils and other soils found in and around spray booth areas. 1231 is a concentrated project, should be used for deep cleanings of large areas. 156 more dilute, excellent as a general purpose cleaner / degreaser.

Machine Cleaners
Machine Parts Cleaner PS 400

Solvent machine parts and floor cleaner for all around clean up around booth areas,walls, guns, and automation zones.

Machine Parts Cleaner PS 1411

PS 1411 has a flash point of 105° F. This solvent cleaner is designed for cleaning paint equipment with much less danger of fire, due to the high flash point. The solvents in PS 1411 also present a reduced health risk to workers. PS 1411 is capable of removing most paint technologies.

Oven Products
Oven Cleaner OC 411

Heavy duty oven cleaner to remove stubborn soils and baked on films in and around flash off and oven zones.

Oven Tacky HT243

Coating provides excellent protection, especially in providing entrance ramps to ovens with a tacky surface to capture airborne debris.

Oven Coating Protecto EE

An oven tacky coating which withstands temperatures up to 400ºF. Applies easily and protects moving parts from airborne debris.

Automotive finish products
Wipe Cleaner TOK 117

TOK 117 was developed as a vehicle wipe for end of process cleaning in assembly plants. Can be sold as a ready-to-use package in a use friendly container containing paint shop approved lint free wiping rags.

Vinyl Dressing VD269

This Vinyl Dressing is perfect for post-assembly prep of vehicle interiors. Also used by major component manufacturers (dashboards) to prep products for shipping.

Pearl Sheen

Pearl Sheen is a prep product that gives a temporary shiny finish to plastic and extrusion molded parts, also to other areas of sold products.

Jig, Tool, Carrier Products
Rust Inhibitor RI-05

RI–05 is a liquid rust inhibitor, designed to protect raw material substrates from premature oxidation. This product is durable, but easily rinsed off in parts washers.

Mask Wash

Mask Wash is an all in one liquid product designed to remove paint that has accumulated on paint masking fixtures. This non-foaming product is designed specifically for heated washer tanks.

Carrier Coat 170

Carrier Coat protects carriers and other conveyor tools and jigs after cleaning. This barrier makes the next cleaning easier. The colorful product also allows for easy identification of clean parts and level of paint buildup.

Industrial cleaning products
Boot Scrub 307-OV

BS 307-OV is a water based cleaner designed to dissolve and remove paint accumulation on paint floors and general assembly areas.

H.D. Glass Cleaner WC5X

Heavy duty glass cleaner which penetrates and emulsifies paint overspray on glass surfaces in spray booths. Can be diluted 5:1 for general cleaning.

Stainless Steel Cleaner SS409

Heavy duty cleaner / polish for stainless steel surfaces in booth areas.

Coil Cleaner

For heated water applications with scaled coils, this product works to remove scale and to coat surfaces to make future cleanings easier.

Weld Splatter Barrier Coat PC 213

Barrier Coat PC 213 is a high solids protective coating that protects against weld splatter as well as all other contaminates that would mar surfaces. PC 213 can also be applied to temporary barriers like sheeting used to enclose welding areas.

Defoamer DFX 596

Defoamer for booth waters and body washer systems. Quickly knocks out foam problems to prevent low air flow in booth systems. Compatible with Detack systems.

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